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Join the Randolph Spring 2020 BioThon on!

Keep Randolph County Beautiful invites you to join a Spring BioThon on! From April 23 – June 19, you can explore your backyard or local park, take pictures of wild plants and critters, and upload them to iNaturalist. The person who observes the most species in Randolph County will win a BioThon lunchbox, and our favorite aquatic plant or critter will win a surprise creation from a local artist! TO JOIN:

1. Download the iNaturalist app on your mobile device and create an account (or do so at

2. From the “More” tab, click on Projects and join the Randolph Spring 2020 BioThon:

3. Anytime between April 23 and June 19 (the last day of spring), go out and observe wild animals and plants. Snap photos, identify the organism (the iNaturalist database will make suggestions and your hosts will help too), add your location, and save your observation.

If you have any questions or experience any problems at all, please email

CAUTION: If you go to a public park or waterway, please remember to look for hazards and follow CDC guidelines for protection against Covid-19. Stay safe, learn, and have fun!

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